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We help companies, social enterprises and non-profits grow by connecting them with other brands to create amazing collaborations.

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What people are saying

Amy Bourke
We have found that brand partnerships deliver the greatest ROI vs any other form of paid marketing that we have tested. The investment return from reaching out through cross promotion with brands that have similar target markets to our own, delivers 10x the conversion we have experienced through all other advertising channels.
Amy Bourke
Founder - SkinFitness
Casey Golden
Partnership marketing has the highest ROAS with a quick turnaround on ROI. We’ve seen our partnerships continue to produce results post-campaign and have been wildly successful collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our values and complement our customer's lifestyle as a whole.
Casey Golden
CEO, Luxlock

We're launching February, 2022. You can think of us like 'Tinder for brands'. Join our waitlist and get early access to find out how easy it is to find brand collaborators on intribe.