Lower your CAC and Grow Faster

We help companies, social enterprises and non-profits grow faster and increase their reach by making partnerships easier.

Grow faster with partnerships

Overwhelming feedback from our customers show, by collaborating with other business you will be able to reach audience with higher credibility and bigger ROI.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Engage in cross promotional campaigns to reduce the cost. Concentrate on marketing efforts to target the only audience you need.

Expand your reach

Engage with the most niche audiences of your partners in any location around the world.

Partnership marketing allows you borrow each other's audience.

How does it work


Create your profile and be found by other brands looking to collaborate.


Browse brands in your area/industry by location and audiences. All looking to partner.


Collaborate on amazing campaigns that would be out of reach of your business alone.

What people are saying

After setting up our account on intribe I very quickly found four brands I wanted to partner with. Within days I had connected with three of them.
Photo of Spyros Tsoukalas
Spyros Tsoukalas
Business Development, GrowthMentor
Partnership marketing has the highest ROAS with a quick turnaround on ROI. We’ve seen our partnerships continue to produce results post-campaign and have been wildly successful collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our values and complement our customer's lifestyle as a whole.
Casey Golden PR photo
Casey Golden
CEO, Luxlock
We have found that brand partnerships deliver the greatest ROI vs any other form of paid marketing that we have tested. The investment return from reaching out through cross promotion with brands that have similar target markets to our own, delivers 10x the conversion we have experienced through all other advertising channels.
Amy Bourke at Skin Fitness
Amy Bourke
Founder - SkinFitness

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