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This is where we try and answer all of your questions about intribe, partnership marketing and brand partnerships.

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What is intribe?

intribe is a partnership marketing platform and community. Brand partnerships will help you lower your Customer Acquisition Costs and expand your reach by making partnerships easier to find and easier to execute.

You can think of us as 'Tinder for Brand Partnerships and Collaborations'.

What is co-marketing?

One of the reasons that there’s less awareness of partnership marketing is that over the years and in different countries it has been called different things. Comarketing, symbiotic marketing, and alliance marketing are all different names for the same thing, partnership marketing.

What is partnership marketing?

Partnership marketing is a form of marketing where two or more brands work together on campaigns. There are 11 different types of partnership marketing and most companies can take advantage of many of them to grow their business faster.

Is this like affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a subset of partnership marketing. Yes, you'll be able to find other brands to create affiliate partnerships with but you'll also be able to find content partners, event partners (think GoPro and Red Bull), distribution partners and cause partners amongst many other types.

Why is Customer Acquisition Costs rising for most brands?

CAC is rising for a lot of companies for a number of reasons:

  • Ad blockers and upgrades to Apple's IOS have stopped a lot of people seeing ads and the tracking cookies that go with them
  • A lot of people have developed ad blindness - they're so used to not looking at ads that they don't even notice them anymore
  • Big companies are spending a fortune on popular terms
  • A lot of companies have been so focussed on PPC advertising that they've neglected other important marketing channels like brand building, referral marketing and co-marketing.

How can Partnership Marketing help my organization?

Partnership marketing offers many benefits beyond being one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there. Some of these benefits are:

  • Sharing resources - for example, one partner may have a video editor in house and the other partner may have staff with complementary skills such as graphic design or copy-writings
  • More creative people to bounce ideas off
  • Access to additional networks for cross promotion
  • If your partner is a non-profit or cause you can gain increased customer loyalty and trust

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause Marketing is a type of Partnership Marketing that aligns a commercial brand with a cause to deliver on a dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society. For example, a SCUBA or ocean wear brand partnering with the Sea Turtle Foundation.

Can Partnership Marketing help my business?

Because partnership marketing covers such a broad range of activities it's almost certain your business can find ways to partner with like minded businesses to grow. Whether it's a simple email cross promotion, a content partnership or an in person event there's likely a way partnership marketing can accelerate your growth.

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