Frequently Asked Questions

What is intribe?

intribe is a platform built to enable and simplify partnership marketing. On here you can
find businesses and non-profits looking to collaborate with an organization like yours.

What is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership marketing is a collaboration between two or more organizations with the
aim of creating a mutually beneficial marketing campaign which helps all participants
meet their business objectives.

How can Partnership Marketing help my organization?

Partnership marketing offers many benefits beyond being one of the most cost-
effective marketing strategies out there. Some of these benefits are:

  • Sharing resources - for example, one partner may have a video editor in house
    and the other partner may have staff with complementary skills such as graphic
    design or copywritings
  • More creative people to bounce ideas off
  • Access to additional networks
  • If your partner is a non-profit or cause you can gain increased customer loyalty
    and trust

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause Marketing is a type of Partnership Marketing that aligns a commercial brand with
a cause to deliver on a dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society.
For example, a SCUBA or ocean wear brand partnering with the Sea Turtle Foundation.

What is Co-marketing?

One of the reasons that there’s less awareness of partnership marketing is that over the
years and in different countries it has been called different things. Comarketing,
symbiotic marketing, and alliance marketing are all different names for the same thing,
partnership marketing.