About us

What started out as a classic case of solving our own problem has evolved into a mission to help brands achieve more through creative marketing partnerships and collaborations...

Three years ago when challenged to build a partnerships program for Chicago brand Aiwa we went through the usual process. Get clear on our target market and brand values. Hop onto Google and build a list of brands that match our target market and brand values. Rank them in priority and hop on LinkedIn to build a list of potential contacts and start cold outreach.

We found 90% of people contacted didn’t respond. Of those that did 50% didn’t know what partnership marketing was, out of those, a large percentage was the wrong person and they didn’t know who was responsible for partnerships. In the end, only a very small few were interested in taking the conversation further.

After a while, we figured there’s got to be a better way, someone must have built a platform for this - but try as we might, we couldn’t find one...and the idea of what would become intribe was born.

A few weeks later, long term friends, Aaron and Sven teamed up and started working on it as a side hustle, expecting to launch within six months and spend a few grand to get it done.Even though it’s taken a lot longer and a few dollars more than a few grand, we’re really excited to bring intribe to market. Join us.

Save time, save money, share resources with like-minded brands and tap into more creativity
than you have on your own.

To put it simply - together we can do more.

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