Live streaming setup for a comarketed shopping event

How to Leverage a Co Marketing Partnership to Boost Your Live Shopping Strategy

April 29, 2023

Video commerce has dominated the digital marketing sphere for the last decade.
From influencer marketing on YouTube and TikTok, to the more recent live shopping
experience enabled by livestreaming platforms like eStreamly, video has become one of the
most effective marketing and sales channels.

In fact, livestream shopping has dominated digital marketing in Asia, becoming the strategy
with the highest conversion rate of all time.

It’s also been shown that co marketing partnerships maximise businesses’ ROI when
marketing. This is because two brands’ resources and talent can come together to create
more effective campaigns – and share the cost, making it more profitable for both.
Combine comarketing with livestream shopping, and you have a winning marketing

What is live shopping?

Live shopping – or livestream shopping – combines live video with the shopping experience.
Viewers tune into the stream to watch the host display, demonstrate, and talk about a
brands’ products. However, with live shopping the viewer can also buy the products shown
when brands use a livestream shopping platform like eStreamly.

Viewers can buy without navigating away from the stream and disrupting their viewing

This makes them more likely to purchase items from the stream for two reasons.

For one, if the viewer must wait until they’ve finished watching the video to buy a product,
the impulse to buy is more likely to wear off. Secondly, since they can continue to watch the
stream as they shop, they don’t miss anything – a.k.a. products they might want to buy.

How to boost your live shopping campaign with comarketing

Businesses can collaborate on marketing campaigns to promote their brands and products –
and share the rewards.

When hosting a live shopping event on eStreamly, you can partner with other brands to
conceptualise, create, and host your campaign, promoting both brands’ products as part of
the event.

Establishing an effective co marketing partnership with the right brand can boost sales,
reach new audiences, and maximise the number of streams you receive. You can find the
right brand for you by using a partnership marketing platform like intribe.

Here’s how you can use comarketing to get the best results from your live shopping event.

Partner with a complementary brand

It’s not just your competitors that market to your target audience. In fact, there’ll be many
non-competing brands you can establish effective co marketing partnerships with.
You should look for a company that targets a similar target audience and has a similar ‘ideal
customer profile’ to your brand.

With the same goals, your brand, and the brand with which you establish a co marketing
partnership, will be able to effectively create a live shopping campaign that appeals to your
shared target customer – driving sales for both.

Find the right host

The next step to creating an effective livestream shopping campaign with comarketing is
picking the right host.

The host is crucial to the success of your live shopping campaign. They should be relevant to
your target market, and they need to be persuasive in order to generate sales.

When it comes to choosing a host for a comarketing live shopping campaign, you need to
make sure they’re right for both your brand and your partnering brand.

Considering both your brands’ personalities, values, and messages, pick a host that
embodies these things. Otherwise, the brand may come across as inauthentic and risk
alienating their audience.

Create a unique product bundle

To maximise sales for both brands within a co marketing partnership, consider creating a
unique product bundle.

By assorting a selection of both businesses’ products into a product bundle, you encourage
your target market to buy products from both brands at the same time – rather than choose
which brand’s products to buy. This can help to share sales between the two brands and
ensure both are rewarded equally.

Creating a bundle can also entice customers to buy more products. By providing a discount
for a particular product bundle, you’ll give your viewers ‘Fear of Missing Out’. This will
encourage them to buy the bundle now – since they won’t have access to this assortment of
products for this price again.

Create a discovery package

Another way to offer unique discounts to your viewers is to create a discovery package.

If you establish a co marketing partnership with a brand where it doesn’t necessarily make
sense to create a product bundle, then creating a discovery package is a great alternative.

After all, while it makes sense for a wine and cheese company to sell their products
together, it doesn’t make as much sense to sell less related products. For example, clothing
and bedding.

With a discovery package, customers that choose to buy one brand’s product from the live
shopping event automatically gets a discount code for the products of the other brand.

It goes without saying that this makes viewers want to purchase a product from the
partnered brand. After all, it’d be a shame to waste the discount they earned on their

About the author: Made in France, based in Atlanta Y’all! Nicolas Bailliache is the co-
founder of, a live and video commerce SaaS platform empowering brands,
retailers and creators to engage shoppers and sell seamlessly using the power of shoppable
videos. Live is shoppable on your website, a blog, emails and across social media.

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