A white smeg fridge with a balck and white doodle of Mickey Mouse from Disney

Epic List of Co-branding Examples for 2022

July 29, 2022

Co-branding is a brand partnership type that involves two or more brands collaborating on a new product or service. It can be done by using logos, brand colors and intellectual property to create brand awareness for all the brands involved in the co-branding campaign. 

Successful co-branding partnerships can lead to two incredible brands coming together to create amazing products and services – which makes their offering unique and increases their competitive edge. We’ve put together an epic list of co-branding examples that can inspire you to start your very own co-branding partnership.

Co-branding examples by category


1. Kenmore and Amazon

After sales of their appliances declined, Kenmore (which is owned by Sears) collaborated with Amazon to get their products sold on the retail giant’s website. The partnership allowed Kenmore smart appliances to be integrated into Amazon’s Alexa’s voice assistant platform. This helped Sears expand its brand, while allowing Amazon to grow its appliance offering.

An iphone running an app for smart appliances held in front of a Kenmore washing machine

What we love about this:

This co-branding partnership came about when Sears was experiencing a decline in the sale of its Kenmore appliances. After announcing their partnership with Amazon, they saw their stock rise by 15% – which is seen as a rare occurrence. Both companies benefitted from this co-branding campaign, allowing Amazon to offer a wider variety of appliances to its client base and Kenmore to increase sales to help them overcome their sales slump. 

2. Smeg and Disney

Smeg has had a few successful co-branding partnerships in the past few years. One of their best examples has to be the limited edition fridge they collaborated on with Disney. The co-branding campaign included Disney licensing one of their most beloved cartoon characters – Mickey Mouse – to Smeg so that it could be branded on fridges and sold to cartoon and Disney fans. This came about as a result of Disney celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday.

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Mickey Mouse fridge by SMEG

What we love about this:

Both Smeg and Mickey Mouse share common values, including optimism and love, and appreciation for family. The design of the fridge is also a highlight of this co-branding campaign because it shows Mickey Mouse gleefully reaching for the fridge handle – which emphasizes the fun and playfulness of the Disney brand. 

3. Samsung and Mindful Chef

Samsung Electronics launched a partnership with Mindful Chef in 2021. Mindful Chef is a healthy meal kit retailer from the UK. This great co-branding effort campaign included aiding Mindful Chef with making healthy eating more accessible with Samsung supplying 6 various kitchen appliances for Mindful Chef's studio and test kitchen. This includes Samsung's combi microwaves, dishwashers, Infinite Line™, and Dual Cook Flex™ ovens.

A Samsung oven at the Mindful Chef kitchen

What we love about this:

Mindful Chef started off as a small business in a one-bedroom apartment and has now grown into an 8-station kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, making it easy and convenient for their chefs to cook. Samsung's appliances will help Mindful Chef prepare delicious and healthy food with precision and Samsung received positive press for partnering with a smaller company.

4. Fisher & Paykel and Jabil Blends Design

Fisher & Paykel is a New Zealand-based appliance brand that's focused on quality designs and innovation. They're considered one of the top appliance brands in the world and have partnered with Jabil Blends Design, a global manufacturing provider, to help them reach their manufacturing and business milestones.

A grey Fisher & PayKel oven

What we love about this:

Jabil’s vision for the partnership also resonated with Fisher & Paykel. “We wanted that long-term commitment where there’s mutual gain and mutual benefit,” says Dexter. “Jabil fits the bill for us as somebody that’s in it for the long haul, that’s credible, and has a history and legacy for delivering on promises.”

Jabil devised generic testers to make it easier to bring low-volume products through the manufacturing process. Additionally, Jabil leveraged innovative processes and tooling solutions to lower the cost of making fixtures and tooling needed for manufacturing while seeking every opportunity to reduce risk.

Fisher & Paykel also is leveraging Jabil’s design services to continually add consumer value to its product portfolio and premium brand. For instance, the addition of guided cooking functionality with touchscreen interfaces offers consumers real-time access to recipes and step-by-step cooking instructions.

5. Miele and FC Bayern Munich

"Miele and Bayern Munich is the perfect combination of two premium brands with a long tradition that never cease to inspire their fans," explained Kiehl, marketing director of the Miele Group. "Our partnership is a successful one-two between top-class sport and innovative technology. We're delighted that Miele is now part of our team," added Andreas Jung, the FC Bayern board member for marketing, sponsorship, and events.

The initial three-year partnership agreement was signed last year, but the official kick-off has only taken place now due to COVID-19. From now on at home games at the Allianz Arena, guests can expect a special kind of gourmet experience in the Miele Lounge. And when there's no match on, the space is transformed into the 'Cooking Arena', where chef Kevin von Holt welcomes guests. His creations reflect the connection with FC Bayern. For example, with dishes such as red shrimp on 'Mia san mia' mosaic with truffled radish and flambeed watermelon. Miele will also equip Bayern's headquarters at Säbener Straße and the FC Bayern World in the city center.


1. LG Electronics Partners with Plug and Play      

In 2019, LG entered into a partnership with Plug and Play. Plug and Play is a company that has built an ecosystem of advanced technologies that connect startups and corporations all over the globe. The LG and Plug and Play partnership aim to offer innovation to Plug and Play's Internet of Things. Plug and Play’s founder and CEO, Saeed Amidi, said: "Our goal is to help them find the best and brightest startups from around the world so they can expedite the testing and development of emerging technologies that can help LG grow their business."

Four men and a women standing behind the desks in front of a Plug and Play sign.

What we love about this:

This example of a co-branding partnership is a great fit because both companies will benefit from the value and growth opportunities offered by aligning their brands. LG can improve the Plug and Play ecosystem and they’ll benefit from having access to the world’s best startups so they can easily test their new technological offerings.

2. Samsung and Thom Browne

Samsung teamed up with popular American clothing and accessories brand, Thom Browne, to create a limited edition Galaxy Z Flip. The result is a sleek and stylish smartphone that marries technology and fashion. 

A collection of Samsung x Thom Browne gadgets arranged on a flat surface

What we love about this:

So much attention was paid to the design of the Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip. This phone is covered with glass and has a matte finish with the recognizable Thom Browne colors in the center. The smartphone is inclusive of custom Galaxy Buds+ and a Galaxy Watch Active2. It’s a collaboration that brings the separate worlds of tech and fashion together in a fun and unique way and is undoubtedly one of the best co-branded products ever created.

3. Bosch and Sony

Bosch Security Systems and Sony entered into a partnership that involves both companies' video surveillance units working together to create better security systems. This partnership also involves Bosch taking over the sales and marketing division of Sony's branded products, except in Japan.

Bosch Security Systems and Sony logos ona. white background

What we love about this:

Bosch and Sony combined their strengths to create video surveillance solutions that offer the industry's best technology, high-quality images, bitrate performance and video analytics. Before the partnership, both companies had seen their market share drop in the highly competitive video surveillance and security industries. Working together means they'll be able to increase brand awareness and easily compete with other brands in the space.

4. Apple and PRODUCT (RED)

Apple and Product RED collaboration. There are RED iPhones and other Apple products on a white background

Consumers are more inclined to purchase if it’s supporting a good cause. For more than 14 years, Apple had partnered with (Product) RED to combat HIV and AIDS. Not only does Apple’s iPhone XR Red incorporate the newest technology, but it also helps funds that fight COVID-19.

5. Samsung Electronics and Orange

Samsung Electronics and Orange are working on a number of initiatives that are meant to coincide with their existing long-term partnership. The initiatives have been created to make Samsung Galaxy users across Europe have a smoother user experience.

Samsung and Orange logos

What we love about this:

These two companies aim to reduce tech waste by extending the life cycle of mobile devices, promoting Samsung Galaxy's multi-devices, using device and technology testing to prepare for 5G, and making the customer journey better through the use of digital services.

Together, the companies are working to reduce the waste attributable to Samsung mobile devices distributed by Orange by extending the lifecycle of a typical product. Orange will offer an extension on the trade-in and the collection programs on used Samsung devices and add a Samsung Certified Refurbished device program through Orange channels. Additionally, the collaboration will leverage the implementation of the Eco-Rating methodology, a pan-industry initiative driven by a consortium of European mobile operators, across Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The new rating will evaluate the environmental impact of the mobile phones during their entire lifecycle from design to disposal, allowing Samsung and Orange to implement further improvements.


1. Toyota and CaetanoBus

Toyota and CaetanoBus (a Portuguese bus manufacturing company) co-branded two buses in 2021. The buses are known as the e. City Gold battery electric city bus and the H2.City Gold fuel cell electric bus. This co-branding partnership was done to cement the long-term partnership Toyota and Caetanobus have in the zero-emission buses business. 

The front grill of a Toyota x Caetano co-branded electric bus

What we love about this:

Toyota’s fuel cell technology has been used in the hydrogen city buses manufactured by CaetanoBus since 2019. Both buses were branded with the Toyota and Caetano logos, which is key because Toyota is renowned among Europeans. This co-branding example highlights the importance that both brands place on creating zero-emission cars and helping the world reach carbon neutrality.

2. Hyundai and the FIFA World Cup

Hyundai and FIFA have been partners since 1999. This long-standing partnership sees Hyundai supporting FIFA in hosting a more sustainable World Cup. For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Hyundai is running a campaign called Goal of the Century to promote sustainability and bring the love of football and the love we have for the planet together.

A collection of Hyundai cars on the pitch in front of goal at a soccer stadium

What we love about this:

Hyundai is an automotive brand that’s passionate about sports and making a difference – which is clearly seen in their iconic partnership with FIFA. When you think of FIFA, you automatically think of Hyundai, which is an indicator of how great this partnership is.

3. Ford & Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson and Ford introduced a line of trucks from 2000 to 2011. These two big brands were able to combine both their loyal customers together by selling their co-branded trucks. This is arguably one of the most successful automotive co-branding examples ever.

A picture of a black Ford X Harley Davidson co-branded truck

What we love about this:

These two brands are the perfect match because they both have a huge male audience that has enough money to purchase their trucks. Additionally, the reputation both brands have carved out for themselves means they’re trustworthy, which allowed them to leverage their audiences to create a successful co-branding partnership.

4. Mercedes and Swatch

A smart car created by Mercedes and Swatch

Famous German car manufacturer Mercedes and Swiss watch brand Swatch partnered to create the Smart Car. The car was inspired by the desire for a city car that's fitted with technology from the watchmaking industry.

What we love about this:

This co-branded product is environmentally friendly, not only because of its small size but because it uses far less plastic than other cars. It also offers value for money and comes in a variety of different colors. Mercedes was able to open itself up to a new market with this vehicle and Swatch was able to get its foot in the door of the automotive sector, which shows that both brands benefited from the partnership.

5. Subaru & L.L. Bean

In 2000, Subaru announced that they were partnering with clothing brand L.L. Bean on a limited edition outback vehicle. The vehicle was named the L.L. Bean edition Subaru Outback and Subaru Forrester and was introduced to the U. S. market. It came fully equipped with top-spec trims.

Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition: The Surprisingly Luxurious Lexus-Fighting  Station Wagon - autoevolution

What we love about this:

This unexpected deal proved beneficial for both brands. Subaru created a new 2000 Outback with a 3 liter and dual overhead cam flat-six engine that jetted 212 horsepower. L. L. Bean was brought in to supply premium leather material for the vehicle's interior so that it could compete with other vehicles of its stature. This added luxury that previously wasn't present in its previous models.


1. NYX and Samsung 

In 2017, NYX (a global cosmetics company) partnered with Samsung Electronics to create interactive and immersive beauty tutorials using virtual reality technology. They offered 3 beauty tutorials which were offered by beauty influencers that they enlisted as their brand ambassadors. Users could individually select NYX products they were keen on learning more about by selecting them in the virtual reality world. Users were given special offers to purchase the products at the end of the tutorials.

A woman with purple hair standing inside a beauty retail store surrounded by pink tweets

What we love about this:

This co-branding partnership example shows two unrelated brands making their offerings attractive to their respective audiences. Samsung gained further credibility and brand awareness through this campaign and NYX was able to market its products in an innovative and fun way. 

2. MAC Cosmetics and The Keith Haring Foundation

MAC Cosmetics launched their first NFT collection in collaboration with The Keith Haring Foundation. This NFT Collection includes the incredible work of legendary artist and activist Keith Haring. The launch was on 10 April 2022, which is National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in America, which coincides with The Keith Haring Foundation’s mission to help those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

All of the revenue made from primary sales were donated to the MAC VIVA GLAM Fund and 2.5% of secondary sales were donated to The Keith Haring Foundation.

A rectangle segmented into three smaller rectangles one red, yellow and blue.  Each displaying a MAC cosmetic item

What we love about this:

Unlike most co-branding partnership examples that involve creating a physical product, this partnership is centered on a digital product. NFTs are also all the rage and are speculated to be the future of the art world, so for iconic artist and philanthropist Keith Haring to have his work memorialized in this way is great. This unique partnership also helped both brands create awareness of a cause that’s dear to them.

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3. Lottie London and My Little Pony

Lottie London is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company. In 2021, they released a makeup line inspired by My Little Pony. This makeup line included eye makeup, lip makeup, palettes, and a hand mirror. Since Lottie Lonon is based in London, the makeup line was available for purchase online but since it’s also available in Walmart, the collection was sold there too.

One man and four women using lottie x My Little Pony co-branded cosmetics

What we love about this:

This is a fun collaboration that evokes feelings of nostalgia (I mean, who wasn't obsessed with My Little Pony as a kid?!) We also love the fact that Lottie Lonon is a cruelty-free and vegan brand, and since My Little Pony is associated with the innocence of childhood -- it makes this partnership the perfect link-up!

4. e.l.f x Chipotle

E.l.f. Cosmetics And Chipotle Team For A Delicious New Collaboration

This collection actually isn’t the first time that e.l.f. and Chipotle have joined forces. The two brands teamed on a smaller Chipotle-inspired makeup collection last May. That collection sold out in minutes. “Following our first launch with e.l.f.,” explains Tressie Leiberman, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Off Premise at Chipotle, “which sold out in less than four minutes last spring, we’ve taken our collab to the next level with beauty products celebrating our real ingredients in totally unexpected ways.”

The partnership is a perfect fit for two social-savvy brands who cater to a Gen Z audience. “We share the same renegade spirit and are both committed to bringing the best ingredients to our consumers at extraordinary prices,” shares Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty.

5. Dr. Pepper x Bonne Bell (Lip Smacker)

Dr Pepper and Bonne Bell lip smackers

Bonne Belle first debuted Lip Smacker, the world’s first flavored lip balm, in 1973, starting with flavors like strawberry, lemon, and green apple. Just two years later in 1975, they'd forged their first flavor partnership with the timeless Dr. Pepper brand. The result? A lip balm flavor that's been famous for decades among teenage girls.

If you're thinking the connection between lip balm and Dr. Pepper is a little thin, consider the copy on one of their vintage ads: "It’s the super shiny lip gloss with lip-smacking flavor… just like the world’s most original soft drink." And later, "From Bonne Belle of course: the cosmetics company that understands your taste."


1. Puma and Ferrari 

Photo of the bottom quarter of a mans legs wearing red Ferrari x Puma co-branded sneakers

Two incredible brands, Puma and Ferrari, came together to create the perfect footwear to help race car drivers drive with ease (and style, of course!). This cross-category collaboration works because both PUMA and Ferrari have iconic legacies. 

What we love about this:

The PUMA Scuderia Ferrari Collection is a fusion of PUMA’s Speedcat (a motorsport shoe) and Scuderia Ferrari´s Rosso Corsa colors. This pays homage to both PUMA’s legendary shoe design and one of the most successful Formula 1 team to ever exist. This footwear collection is available online and is the perfect offering for fans of PUMA, Ferrari, and Formula 1 racing.

2. H&M and PETA

H&M and PETA collaborated on a vegan fashion line called Co-Exist Story. The collection consists of leather that’s made from grapes and down made from flowers. Co-Exist Story is a sustainable and cruelty-free approach to fashion. 

H&M clothes on mannequins on promotional displays as part of collab with PETA

What we love about this:

These two unlikely brands collaborated for mutual benefit. H&M benefitted from this co-branding partnership by improving its reputation as a fast fashion retailer and showing the public that it cares about creating sustainable clothing. PETA was able to spread its anti-animal cruelty message and highlight the importance of wearing clothing that brings no harm to animals and the environment.

3. Versace and H&M

In one of the most unexpected collaborations ever, Versace teamed up with H&M in 2011. The collaboration included a new clothing collection inspired by both fast fashion and luxury. The collection was created to open up Versace to a new audience and to elevate H&M to more than just a fast fashion brand.

A grid of pictures of a model wearing clothing from a Versace and H&M co-branding campaign

What we love about this:

Two brands in the clothing industry with different target audiences coming together to create a clothing collection that successfully brings different audiences together is quite epic in our book! What’s not to like about that?!

4. Louis Vuitton and Supreme

Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborated on a clothing collection that was initially revealed at Paris Fashion Week Men’s in January 2017. The co-branded collection consisted of Louis Vuitton and Supreme co-branded baseball jackets, denim wear, baseball jerseys, T-shirts, crewnecks, footwear, belts, blankets, and other items. They were sold at pop-up shops in major cities across the globe such as Los Angeles, Seoul, Sydney Paris, Beijing, Miami, and London.

A red and white Louis Vuitton and Supreme baseball jacket

What we love about this:

What's not to like about one of the biggest luxury clothing brands, Louis Vuitton, and a huge streetwear brand coming together to create a collection of boundary-breaking fashion pieces? They both benefitted from the co-branding effort, reaching both of their target audiences.

Louis Vuitton and Supreme are also rumored to be releasing a second collaboration at the end of 2022 and one can't help but wonder if the late Virgil Abloh's influence will be seen in this collection (that's if the rumors are true!)

5. Vans and Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans are loyal, passionate, and all about representing their favorite “house”. This brand partnership paired everyone’s favorite pair of Vans with their love for all thing’s wizardry. Since the release of the first book in 1997, half a billion books have been sold and the series has been translated into 80 languages. The collection also included some apparel, but the shoes were the most iconic.

Harry Potter vans

Because of this collaboration, fans were able to purchase shoes they know are comfortable and affordable that also feature a design from their favorite movie franchise. This made purchasing these shoes an easy, low-risk choice!

Food and Beverage

1. Walkers Snack Foods and HJ Heinz

In 2001, Walkers Snack Foods and HJ Heinz partnered on Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavored potato chips. The Walkers Crisps packaging was co-branded with the Heinz Tomato Ketchup logo. The Heinz flavored chips were said to be a hit during secret trials – way before they were even introduced to the public.

Six packets of different flavored Walkers chips co-branded with Heinz

What we love about this:

Even though this collaboration is 21 years old, this partnership was quite successful. It also laid the foundation for more recent collaborations between the two brands, which include 6 limited edition chip flavors that were inspired by British sandwich culture. 

2. Cadbury and Vegemite chocolate bar

Cadbury Australia and Vegemite joined forces to create one of the most controversial confectionery treats ever. If you don’t know what Vegemite is, it’s a popular dark brown spread that’s made from leftover yeast extract and a variety of vegetable and spice additives. 

An image of the co-branded Cadbury x Vegemite chocolate bar and packaging


What we love about this:

Although unusual and unexpected, this collaboration generated a lot of free press and buzz on social media. Even though customers either loved it or hated it, both brands increased their brand awareness and reached wider audiences through this limited edition collaboration.

3. Pringles, Hello Kitty, and Cinnamoroll

Pringles and Cinnamoroll partnered with Hello Kitty in Japan to create a new Sanrio collection. These products were made available for purchase on Sanrio’s website. The collaboration includes Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, wearing the famous mustache from Pringles’ mascot Mr. P. Hello Kitty was packaged in red, and Cinnamoroll was packaged in green.


A collection of red and green Hello Kitty x Pringles promotional products

What we love about this:

We rarely see examples of 3 brands co-branding and this is a great example of that. All 3 brands benefitted from this co-branding campaign through increased sales and brand awareness.

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4. Taco Bell and Milk Bar's Strawberry Bell Truffles

Taco Bell and Milk Bar created a co-branding campaign that saw them fuse the beloved Crunchy Taco Bell shell with Milk Bar's delicious truffles. This fusion was called the Strawberry Bell Truffle and was the first collaboration of its kind which was sold in select locations in America. This limited edition dessert was created using a slice of vanilla cake which was soaked in strawberry milk and filled with strawberry pieces. The cake was then shaped into a ball, filled with sweet corn fudge, and coated with a sweet corn cake mix. Crushed pieces of Taco Bell's taco shell were added to the coating to add a crunchy texture.

A picture of Taco Bell and Milk Bar's Strawberry Bell Truffle

What we love about this:

Taco Bell has had noteworthy co-branding campaigns before this one (their iconic campaign with Doritos immediately comes to mind) and this one with Milk Bar is just as memorable. Taco Bell's brand is associated with savory foods, so for them to link up with a dessert brand and successfully position themselves in a different food niche shows that they are strategic when choosing their co-branding partners.

5. Burger King and Robinhood

Burger King and Robinhood teamed up to give customers some Dogecoin with their fast food orders. The collaboration was named 'Burger King with a Side of Crypto' which allowed members of Burger King's Royal Perks loyalty program to receive a free crypto coin after making a $5+ purchase.

They gave away 2 million free Dogecoins, 200 Ethereum, and 20 Bitcoins in partnership with Robinhood.

A Burger from Burger King with a smart phone displaying the Burger King and Robinhood apps

What we love about this:

This unlikely but successful partnership makes it one of the most unique examples of co-branding. This is because it's rare to see a fast food brand join forces with a tech/crypto giant. The collaboration came at a time when crypto is on the tip of everyone's tongues and it created more buzz for both Burger King and Robinhood. This opened Robinhood up to a new segment of users who had previously not owned crypto before.


1. Twitter and Shopify

In an attempt to branch out into e-commerce, Twitter has partnered with Shopify on a sales channel app that will be available to Shopify’s US merchants. This app will allow merchants to use Twitter’s Shopping Manager and easily sync their products to Twitter’s ecosystem. This makes it easier for brands and entrepreneurs to sell their products through Twitter, without it being separated from their main Shopify store. They’ll also be able to enable several other useful features on their accounts.

A screen shot of the shopify x twitter co-branded landing page

What we love about this:

We love that Twitter is taking advantage of the fact that many people and brands advertise their products and services on their social media platforms. Integrating their platform with Shopify means Twitter users will be able to purchase products through Twitter Shopping, which means more exposure for Shopify.

2. NortonLifeLock and New York City

In a bid to raise awareness and fight against gender-based violence (GBV), NortonLifeLock and New York City have partnered to give victims of domestic abuse access to cyber security. This was done by giving away 2000 one-year Norton 360 Deluxe licenses to help victims protect themselves from any spyware, malware, and viruses – which are often used by abusers to control victims of abuse. 

NortonLifeLock logo on a white background

What we love about this:

This is another co-branding effort that shows that partnerships aren’t just about money – they can also be about making a positive difference. It helped both Norton and the city of New York get positive press.

3. Airbnb & Flipboard

Airbnb is the largest room-sharing application in the world. It allows people to easily find great lodging options hosted by people in their area of choice. Airbnb collaborated with Flipboard, a news aggregator,  in 2018. The partnership involved Airbnb creating Experiences on Flipboard, which offered Airbnb users tailored lifestyle content. After the success of this campaign, the two brands created another product called Trips which connected Airbnb users to hosts that shared common interests, allowing them to easily book desired experiences when traveling to specific areas. 

A Flipboard x Airbnb advertisement promoting Flipboard experiences for Airbnb guests

What we love about this:

This is a good example of two brands offering their customers key information that meets their needs and encourages them to use both of their products.

4. T-Mobile and Taco Bell

T-Mobile joined forces with Taco Bell during the 2019 Super Bowl. They gave all T-Mobile customers free tacos every Tuesday (there was no catch!)

T-MoBell (Taco Bell & T-Mobile collaboration)

What we love about this:

This great marketing tactic meant that both T-Mobile and Taco Bell received publicity. Taco Bell sales also increased since they received more foot traffic because of the free tacos they were giving out. T-Mobile told their customers that to get a free taco from Taco Bell, they had to not cancel their phone contracts, which meant they were able to retain a good portion of their customers.

5. Apple & MasterCard

Co-branding partnerships can offer value to customers too. A prime example is Apple releasing Apple Pay, which transformed how people make transactions forever. They allowed people to store their debit and credit card details on their iPhones by partnering with MasterCard to integrate their technology into the Apple Pay platform.

Mastercard and Apple Pay partnership

What we love about this:

MasterCard benefits by staying ahead of the competition and being up to date with the most popular consumer purchasing tool in the world. Apple is also able to offer convenience to their customers by allowing them to digitally store their cards on their phones.


1. Transformers and G.I. Joe 

A collection of models from the Transformers x G.I.JOE collab

The Transformers and G. I. Joe fandoms celebrated when Hasbro announced that these two brands would come together for a collaborative set. Prior collaborations included G. I. Joe vehicles being re-painted as Transformers characters. This collaboration is different because the G. I. Joe figure transforms into the main character from Transformers. It also features Baroness driving a HISS tank, which also changes into Megatron.

What we love about this:

The fact that these toys transform into characters from both fandoms is quite creative (an impressive!) Fans can enjoy 2 toys in 1 and both brands can create more brand awareness.

2. Barbie and Moschino

Barbie, owned by Mattel, has had a variety of co-branding campaigns with a variety of brands since its inception in 1959. In 2015, they collaborated with Moschino to create a Barbie doll and capsule collection for women.

Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino, dressed the Barbie doll in a T-shirt with a Moschino slogan, stylish mesh knitwear, a pencil skirt, and a faux leather jacket. The doll was also given accessories such as earrings, sunglasses, a gold chain belt, a crossbody bag, and a backpack to complete her trendy look.

Two Barbies wearing Moschino clothing

What we love about this:

Barbie's collaboration with Moschino is one of their most noticeable co-branding campaigns. Fans of Barbie were able to purchase this limited edition doll as well as purchase an exclusive ready-to-wear Moschino collection inspired by Barbie's personal style.

Competitors: Collaboration > Competition

1. Heelys and Reebok 

In October of 2020, Heelys announced an exciting new footwear collection with renowned shoe and athleisure brand Reebok. The collection consists of 10 different Reebok shoe styles with the classic Heely wheel fitted at the bottom. 

A pair of blue Reebok x Heely shoes

What we love about this:

Marrying two brands that are in the same niche is often seen as impossible, but this co-branded partnership shows that even a company that’s seen as one of your biggest competitors can make a great partner.

2. Nestle and Starbucks

In 2018, Nestle and Starbucks collaborated on one of the world's biggest coffee releases. Nestle launched a new range of coffee products udner Starbucks. This range icnluded 24 products and introduced Starbucks first coffee capsules which could be used with the Nespresso and Nescafe Dolce Gusto. It's safe to say coffee lovers across the globe were impressed!

Nestle and Starbucks coffee collaboration. There is a Starbucks coffee cup alongide a Nestle coffee tin.

What we love about this:

This is another example of competitors coming together to create a mutually beneficial campaign that had a positive impact on their target audience in various countries in the world.


Co-branding is a form of partnership marketing that allows two or more brands to create a new product or service. This is done to increase brand awareness, reduce customer acquisition costs, and more.

In this blog post, we've listed some of the most well known co-branding examples across categories like appliances, fashion, electronics, cosmetics, automotive, and many others.

We hope this epic list of co-branding examples showed you that there are a variety of creative ways for brands to collaborate and that you're inspired to create your own co-branding partnerships too. To get started with creating your own co-branding partnerships, sign up for intribe and connect with like-minded brands.

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