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The new intribe partnership marketing blog

January 2, 2021

Welcome to the new intribe partnership marketing blog

intribe started as a bootstrapped side-hustle a few years ago to solve my own problem for a Chicago based consumer electronics startup I was helping to build.

Working 'after hours' and on weekends has turned this into a longer journey than it should have been. Some collaborators have fallen by the way side and the opportunity has evolved to the point where demand for the platform is organically increasing. It's way passed the time to get serious and take it beyond the side-hustle.

Partnership marketing is a fragmented space

Not a lot of people understand what partnership marketing is and that's pretty unusual for a marketing discipline that has been around for decades. There are a few reasons for this:

  • There isn't one universal name for it like there is for social media or influencer marketing
  • At different times in different countries it has been called different things: co-marketing, alliance marketing, symbiotic marketing are just some. People can't even agree on the co in "co-marketing" on whether it stands for cooperative marketing or collaborative marketing
  • Some names for it have even been coopted by other marketing disciplines. Collab in particular has been almost completely hijacked by the influencer marketers

... and that's our reason for being

We strongly believe that marketing partnerships between likeminded brands are too good an opportunity for it to be so misunderstood. With the impending death of the third-party tracking cookie, partnerships are going to be even more important than ever.

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We might be just getting started but we're on a mission to help brands partner more and partner better.

Stay tuned...

What is Intribe? 

Intribe helps brands partner up to enjoy collaborative partnership marketing opportunities. Our clients tell us this delivers 10x the conversions of traditional advertising channels. 

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