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Brand Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind

August 19, 2022

In 2022, brand collaborations have become increasingly popular. This can be attributed to the fact that brands are looking for more creative ways to attract and engage new and existing customers without spending excessive amounts of money on paid advertising, which tends to offer fewer returns than brand collaborations.

Here are our top selections.

Appliance Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Beko Home Appliances and Healthy Kitchen

Beko Home Appliances, one of the world’s most eco-friendly appliance brands, announced their brand collaboration with Michael Wann, a gaming and tech icon. The aim of the collab is to help design Wann’s chef and family kitchens with eco-conscious appliances in his net-zero carbon home while promoting the efficiency of Beko’s sustainable home appliances. 

A range of Beko Home Appliances ranging from a microwave, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer and fridge

What we love about this:

This home partnership was an excellent way of bringing the Beko Healthy Kitchen to life to empower Americans to live healthy and sustainable lives that impact them and the planet positively. 

Added to this, Beko plans to partner with designers to complete Wann’s chef and family kitchens which will be fitted with not only appliances but cabinets, lighting, surfaces, and eco-friendly components.

2. GE Appliances and Best Buy

GE Appliances, owned by Haier company, teamed up with Best Buy to help underserved communities in America gain access to technology, mentorship and training. This initiative formed a part of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center® Give Back Event, which ran online and in-store. 

These two brands have worked together before, having opened a Best Buy Teen Tech Center® powered by GE Appliances in Louisville, Kentucky. This recent partnership will help them reach more teenagers in communities that need resources the most. 

Two grey GE Appliances in a laundry room with white cupboards

What we love about this:

These companies came together to increase technology access for teens across the country. This shows that they’re not just focused on making profit, but care about making an impact too.

They also made sure that 10% of all GE Profile™ 600 series laundry product purchases were donated to the  Best Buy Teen Tech Center® programs, which currently support over 30 000 teens annually. GE Appliances and Best Buy plan to open at least 100 more centers by 2025.

3. Samsung and BSF

Samsung has joined BrandSource Financial (BSF), AVB’s member-owned finance company, as one of its suppliers.

The partnership agreement will allow BrandSource members to finance Samsung appliances through the in-house BSF financing plan as opposed to through distributors. BSF General Manager, Christine Moore, said “That one new brand we add may be the reason a member starts using our program. This is certainly the case with Samsung. And the more brand members finance through BSF, the more it drives their annual cash distributions. Definitely a win-win!”

Two Samsung home appliances in a kitchen with grey cupboards

What we love about this:

Samsung is the biggest home appliance brand in the U.S. The partnership will allow Samsung products to be sold to a wider audience, while providing BSF members/customers with a wider variety of suppliers. 

Automotive Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Honda and Sony’s electric vehicles  

In June of 2022, Sony and Honda announced that they’re partnering on a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility Inc which will focus on producing electric vehicles and mobility services from 2025.

A man stands nect to silver and white electric vehicles

What we love about this:

The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both partners to build an entire range of electric vehicles using Honda’s production lines. Honda’s mobility development, manufacturing technology and after sales services will also be used to make the partnership a success. 

On the other hand, Sony will be using their expertise to develop imaging, entertainment, sensing, network, and telecommunication technologies. 

We’re excited to see what will come of the Honda and Sony brand collaboration!

2. Panasonic’s battery plant deal with Tesla

Panasonic, Tesla’s long standing partner, is investing $4 billion into a battery plant for Tesla which will also include a research facility. This is said to be the biggest economic development project that Kansas has ever seen, with the battery plant expected to employ over 4000 people and supply high-capacity batteries for Tesla. 

A Tesla in the background with its logo visible, while a person holds up a Panasonic battery next to it

What we love about this:

Tesla and Panasonic have been brand partners since 2009. A huge reason why this plant was opened is that Tesla is experiencing increasing production demands and Panasonic’s new technological growth allows them to assist with meeting said demands. This isn’t Panasonic’s first battery plant as they jointly run a $5 billion Nevada battery plant with Tesla. 

Panasonic is currently working on an innovative battery that offers 5 times more capacity than the batteries they’re selling now, which spells good news for Tesla. 

3.  Toyota and Suzuki

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) have been collaborating since 2017. In 2022, the two companies took their collaboration to the next level by creating a new SUV model. The car was marketed and sold in India as both Suzuki and Toyota models and plans to sell it in various African countries are in the works,

A yellow Suzuki on the left side of the image and a white Toyota on the right side of the image

What we love about this:

The new Toyota-Suzuki hybrid car allows both brands to combine their strengths to offer electric vehicle technologies to customers while playing a significant role in reducing greenhouse emissions by promoting a carbon-neutral society.

Electronics Brand Collaborations Examples

1. JBL x 100 Thieves

Brand collaborations can be quite helpful when a company is looking to launch new products outside of its niche. 

JBL, an audio hardware company that launched in 1946, has been looking to grow their business by launching into the gaming industry with their new gaming headphones.They partnered with 100 Thieves, a leading esport and gaming lifestyle brand, to launch a gaming headset with the 100 Thieves geo-print design. 

Black JBL headphones with 100 Thieves logo and pattern design on them

What we love about this:

JBL successfully launched into a new market by leveraging 100 Thieves’ audience. 100 Thieves was also able to expand their audience since the headphones were also marketed to JBL’s customers.

2. Target and Apple

Target and Apple got together to create an enhanced shopping experience for Apple customers. Target also gave its employees and team members training for shop-in-shop offerings which would make them stand out from similar stores. 

Shop-in-shops give brands the opportunity to create an immersive and unique experience for their customers, making them the go-to for people who are looking for a convenient shopping experience.

Target and Apple's logos in bright red on a white background

What we love about this:

Both brands benefitted from this collab because Target was able to upgrade their shopping experience for customers while Apple benefitted from having their products sold and strategically placed in Target stores across America.

3. UCI and GoPro

In 2022, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced that they are renewing their partnership with GoPro for at least another year.

Their brand collab includes GoPro supporting the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup by offering mounted cameras that capture images and videos of training sessions and races. This includes live images and behind the scenes footage of mountain bike riders. 

Mountain biker wearing a white SRAM shirt turning a corner.

What we love about this:

GoPro has been a partner of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and the UCI Mountain Bike World Championship since 2013.

They allow the UCI to use their technology to capture high-quality content by offering their digital products to them. The end result is incredible visual sequences that show the athletes in action, which legitimizes the UCi and brings attention to GoPro products.

Cosmetics Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Glamnetic x Hello Kitty & Friends

Glamnetic is one of the biggest cosmetics and beauty companies in America. In 2022, they collaborated with Sanrio on a licensing agreement that would allow them to create a Hello Kitty & Friends collection.

This collection included products like eyelashes, eyeliners, press on nails, and other products. 

Glamnetic and Hello Kitty collaboration press on nails

What we love about this:

Is there ever a disappointing Hello Kitty collaboration? We’ve yet to see one! This partnership is just another example of the power of brand licensing. We also love how it caters to both Hello Kitty fans and young makeup enthusiasts. 

2. Lilo and Stitch and Wet n Wild

The classic cartoon Lilo and Stitch was released 20 years ago. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Walt Disney joined forces with Wet n Wild to create a collection of Hawaiian inspired makeup. The collection was released at the beginning of summer in 2022, which matches its theme of fun, family, and 

Colorful Lilo and Stitch themed makeup from Wet n Wild on a bright yellow backgound

What we love about this:

Despite being such an old movie, Lilo and Stitch remains relevant in 2022 and beyond. We also love how colorful and bright the makeup collection is, which speaks to the Hawaiian and vacation themes throughout the movie. The collection is also quite affordable, offering pigmented eyeshadow palettes under $20.

3. Kylie Cosmetics and Stassie 

Kylie Jenner and her best friend, Anastasia ‘Stassie’ Karanikolaou, released their first brand collaboration today. 

According to Kylie, she and Stassie planned on bringing both their makeup brands (Kylie Cosmetics and Stassie) together for a collaboration years ago. The collection launched on KylieCosmetics.com and is marked by a cute pin and blue theme. 

Eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, highlighter, and lip kits are some of the products available for purchase from the Kylie Cosmetics and Stassie collection. 

Kylie Jenner and best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou hold up makeup products from the Kylie Cosmetics and Stassie brand collaboration

What we love about this:

It’s great to see Kylie Cosmetics collaborate with brands outside of Kylie Jenner’s family brands. Both Kylie and Anastasia have huge followings across their social media and dedicated fans who take action and purchase their products with every single drop, so this collab makes sense!

Fashion Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Yeezy, Gap and Balenciaga 

One of the biggest fashion icons in history, Kanye West, collaborated with Gap on a clothing collection. Together, Yeezy Gap worked with Balenciagia to create a three brand collaboration named Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga.

The collab first dropped in February 2022 and included 8 different clothing styles such as jeans, a denim jacket, hoodies, branded T-shirts, puffer jackets, and sweatpants. The second edition was released in May of 2022. 

Kanye West's Yeezy and Gap clothing collaboration with Balenciaga. The image displays denim clothign with a hoodie and black boots

What we love about this:

We love it when 3 brands can come together to create an incredible partnership. The first and second collections sold out, which brought revenue and brand recognition for all 3 brands mentioned above.

2. Balmain and Barbie

Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, apparently had a love for Barbie dolls when he was a child. He used this love to inspire Balmain’s 70-piece collection with Barbie which included simplistic Barbie branded T-shirts and even luxurious evening gowns.

This clothing collection featured the signature Barbie pink in various hues and also included Balmain’s key designs like denim jackets, cocktail dresses, tweed, and more. A stand out design offered by this collection has to be Balmain handbags that incorporate the cardboard boxes that Barbie houses are sold in. How creative!

Balmain clothes on mannequins in different shades of Barbie pink

What we love about this:

This brand collaboration stayed true to both brands involved. This means both of their audiences were represented and the result was a unique and trendy clothing collection that we consider one of the best brand team ups of 2022. 

3. Skims and Fendi

Kim Kardashian West and Kim Jones, artistic director and designer for Fendi, got together for the highly anticipated Skims and Fendi capsule. The collection featured a combination of lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, and more. 

It pulled from a vintage Fendi collection created by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. The idea for the collection came about when Jones and his team were in a brainstorming meeting. He said that in the meeting, all the women at the table became silent and started staring at their phones intently. “I didn’t know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new Skims collection. It was then that I thought: let’s do something together.”

Kim kardashian poses with Skims mdoels in purple Fendi collaboration shapewear

What we love about this:

The partnership happened so naturally. Seeing how many women were fans of Skims – it was just the next logical step. This collection also sold out and even though it was released in late 2021, fans of Skims and Fendi are anticipating a new release, which will most likely sell out too.

Food and Beverage Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Yoplait and KOOL-AID 

Owned by General Mills, Yoplait collaborated with Kraft Heinz brand KOOL-AID to create 3 new yogurt flavors. These flavors are tropical punch, blue raspberry and cherry. 

This product has been available in stores such as Kroger, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Dollar General, and others since July 2022. 

Cherry flavored Yoplait frozen yogurt

What we love about this:

We believe that the Yoplait senior brand manager said it best when she said, “The KOOL-AID brand is synonymous with summer, and by pairing these quintessential flavors with the goodness of dairy, we’re offering a tasty new way to enjoy the deliciousness of Yoplait this season.”

2. Kellogg and Nickelodeon’s green apple flavored Apple Jacks Slime cereal

Kellogg's latest brand partnership is with Nickelodeon. They’re releasing a new green apple flavored cereal inspired by Nickolodean’s green slime. 

The cereal contains green and orange colored loops and green pieces that turn milk the color of Nickelodeon’s famous green slime. 

A Kellog's Apple Jacks cereal box, branded with Nickolodeon Slime on the front

What we love about this:

Kellog’s Apple Jacks are popularly known for its green and orange colors. On the other hand, Nickelodeon Slime is renowned for its bright green color, which makes so much sense that these two brands would work together. 

Nostalgic millennials and their children – who are currently the main viewers of Nickelodeon – can enjoy a bowl of delicious cereal and marvel at the color of their milk turning green.

3. Igloo’s ‘Star Wars’ Coolers 

Igloo and Star Wars collaborated on two new Playmate food coolers. These limited edition coolers include an Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader Playmate themed cooler and a Princess Leia Little themed one. 

Igloo Star-Wars inspired coolers on a starry background

What we love about this:

This collab helps Igloo grow their cooler collection. It also opens them up to a new audience, because Star Wars fans will purchase their coolers. Igloo fans also get to collect special edition coolers, which will increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

Tech Brand Collaborations Examples

1. Deem and Uber 

In March 2022. Deem announced their new brand collaboration with Uber for Business. This involves integrating Uber’s tech with Deem’s App, allowing business travelers to easily request scheduled and immediate trips on the travel booking platform.

A screenshot of the Deem and Uber for Business intergration

What we love about this:

This collaboration came at the perfect time, seeing that most borders are wide open for global travel after the COVID-19 pandemic had shut down travel. The app integration is user-friendly, which allows travelers to easily book and manage their travels in one app.

2. Duolingo and HBO Max

Duolingo and HBO Max announced that they’re partnering ahead of HBO Original House of the Dragon, which is a Game of Thrones prequel that was released on 21 August 2022. 

Duolingo launched a High Valyrian course to help fans of Game of Thrones learn the fictional language spoken on the shows. This course is inclusive of 700 sentences and 150 words. 

Duolingo and House of the Dragon collaboration

What we love about this:

We think this is one of the most creative collaborations of 2022. Fans of Game of Thrones are able to engage their favorite series further by learning the language spoken by its characters. 

Duolingo users are also able to learn and interact with a new and unusual course, which will keep the app interesting. This will attract and retain new and existing Duolingo users. This collab is a great way to promote how exciting and fun language learning can be.

3. Gran Turismo 7 X Dior 

Gran Turismo, owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital, partnered with Christian Dior to create racing gear in the new Gran Turismo 7. Players’ avatars were also customized with the De Tomaso Mangusta vintage car.

Dior's digital clothing collection for Gran Turismo

What we love about this:

The digital collection has a race suit, matching gloves, a helmet, and reimagined Diorizon shoes. This is a great way for Dior to promote itself to the gaming market and Gran Turismo is able to offer its players an innovative gaming experience.

This digital collab is quite unique and we can expect to see many more collabs of this nature in the near future.

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